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Willow Sculpture (large)


Commissioned large willow sculpture.

Examples of large sculptures would be: Stags, horses, unicorns, dragons. (Anything over 6ft – elephants rhinos, giraffes etc would be more!!)

Reg has created Garden Sculptures for a number of clients including designers, private collectors, companies and charities. These willow and wire sculpture commissions are perfectly suited to large and small gardens, parklands and orchards and public spaces. Large sculptures are built on wire armatures and then willow is woken around to create bespoke artworks. These sculptures evoke strength and stability; they are also hardwearing and can withstand British elements, even gail force winds provided they are properly ancored. As part of the commisioning process we can discuss how and where the piece is to live and the appropriate ancoring agreed. Sometimes we’ll use stakes into the ground, sometimes we can drill into concrete or it maybe free standing on a plinth.

We can also discuss lighting. Sculptures can be supplied with solar powered fairy lights weaved into and around the sculpture so it lights up at dusk.

NB. Willow sculptures require an annual coating of linseed oil/turps mix to maintain the strength and lustre of the willow or withies. We can supply care packs if required. Alternatively we can come out on a contract to maintain and provide some TLC to scupltures on an annual basis for a fee.



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