Welcome to my website

My work comes from a constant desire to create images and a passion for brushing, scratching, pulling and pushing those images out onto a blank space – for the world to see. I work in many mediums and enjoy experimenting with new techniques to see what else can be achieved.
I try to use colour, texture and light to capture the energy and vibrance that reflect life and personality.


A lady asked me to paint her prize bull in acrylic to hang above the fireplace in her lodge in Scotland. I painted it mainly in acrylic but then used special metallic paints so it should catch the light from the fire in winter. I used splashes of silver and pearlescent paints on the background, plus gold and bronze mixed into the browns for his fur.


We have a fox called Billy who visits our house every day, several times a night to be fed and to sit on ‘his mat’ and chill.
I wanted to capture his enjoyment of the simple pleasures of life, like the sun on his fur.

That, and the beauty in the moment of pure rapture.


Anyway, this was my attempt.


There be faeries


I was challenged to paint a woodland farie for a lady  for the cover of her book.

Originally drawn in pencil, then painted in watercolour. The original pencil illustration is available in the freebies section of this site if you fancy colouring it in yourself.

The original painting is framed and available for sale on this site.