Have you got a pet you want to remember,
or a celebration,
or something to commemorate,

or simply a great idea for the perfect painting for your wall….

We’ve got a simple solution to finding the perfect present for a loved one…

Your original Idea
Brief Reg M using the form below, to create the perfect image for them and their home. You choose the subject, send photos, choose the colour palette the style and any words you want in there as well!

Reg M will then create a drawing or painting based on the brief …just for you

Delivered on time
Depending on what style you choose, we will send you the original, and you can also choose to have the painting scanned and printed on a box canvas
…or on sheets or pillows or a table top or phone covers, or mugs.
…You choose.

All you have to do is  have an idea for your art…
…a favourite pet, ….a place, …a photo, ….a person, ….or a group of people, …or maybe a song lyric, ….or a scene from a film

Fill in the form below

We’ll get in touch and discuss your art piece.  Once we have an agreed brief, we’ll ask for a deposit of £80 to cover artist’s expenses.

Reg M will start work and provide you with a jpeg sketch via email.

Once the sketch is agreed, we’ll complete the commission and send you a Jpeg of the finished piece. At this point you can also decide if you also want the image on a T-Shirt or a mug or just the original image.
We can scan the image and put it on a bag or a mugs or T Shirts as well!
Once everything is completed we will then have your product(s) delivered to you!

Recent commissions…

Below are examples of commemorative pet portraits I paint for clients.

    This form allows me to get an idea of what you’re looking to have on your wall. Subject, size, colours, style etc.

    Above are examples of commissions that should give you a rough idea of what I am capable of creating for you. The subject could be a portrait, a landscape, a building, a pet or a favourite animal, ….anything really!

    This form gives me an idea of how long it will take to complete, the materials involved and the costs of delivering to your chosen address.

    I will reply to you within 24 hours with a quote for the painting. No commitment.

    A4 or A3 Pencil Drawing

    £100 - 300Takes about 2 weeks
    • Pencil, Pen & Ink or 2 tone on buff paper.Framed or Unframed

    A4 or A3 Watercolour Painting

    £250 - 450Takes about 2 weeks to a month usually.
    • Watercolour.Framed or Unframed

    Oil /Acrylic Painting

    £650 - 900Takes about 1 to 2 months
    • Oils, Acrylic – Mixed media.Boxed Canvas

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