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    An attempt to capture the quiet strength and majesty of a thoughbred. Original pencil sketch. Framed in Oak with a white mount.
  • White horse

    Watercolour painting of a white horse's head. 250mm x 350mm watercolour on 300 gsm stock.  
  • When I was young there was a wonderful series repeated every summer on the TV - or so it seemed. It had a dream-like theme tune about snow-white horses. Summers were endless and the sun always shone. That tune plays in my head every time I see snow-white horses.

    "On white horses let me ride away, to my world of dreams so far away. To a world, my heart can understand It's a gentle, warm and wonderland. Far away. Stars away, Where the clouds are made of candyfloss As the day is born, are gone we'll race to meet the dawn. So when I can only see the grey. On a sad and very lonely day, that's when I softly sigh. On white horses, snowy white horses, Let me ride away."

    Here is the tune... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jtCNbERKvMs
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